• Goal Setting
  • Action!

    If you want to move in a new direction in an area of your life there are two options. The first option, you can “just let it happen”. You can be a free-flowing soul who just floats along life’s river letting the current and the weather take you where it will. The second option is […]

  • Goal Setting
  • Resolutions

    We are about one week into the new year and about 40% of the resolutions people made are already broken. And another 20% will fall by the wayside by the end of January. Why does this happen? It’s a common pastime of our society to make New Year’s Resolutions. Something about changing from one year […]

  • Mindset
  • The Challenge of Change

    There is a dynamic to life that permeates every bit of our lives and we can’t get away from it. CHANGE Life is constantly changing. There is no way to stop it. Changes in our bodies. Changes in our emotions. Changes in our beliefs. Changes in our residence. Changes in our jobs. Changes in our […]