Welcome to Pursue Great!

Pursue Great! is something we all should strive for. History and present day is full of men and women who chose to Pursue Great! and made a difference in not only their own lives but the lives of those around them and the lives of those who come after them.

Being mediocre or average doesn’t take much effort. That is why there are so many people living their lives this way.

To Pursue Great! you have to make a decision to be different. You have to make a decision to be among the few who will not settle for mediocre or even average. You have to be intentional and determine that you will Pursue Great!

Greatness comes in many areas. Being great will mean different things to different people. To some, this will be about their job and work. To others it will be about their family. Yet, to others being great will be about their relationship with God. There are some who want to be great at their hobbies and recreation.

Regardless of what area or areas your passion to be great lies, the principles of greatness are universal. The principles overflow boundaries. You will find as you Pursue Great! in one area of your life, the other areas of your life will be positively influenced.

Pursue Great! is about who we are, not just what we do. Our actions, what we do, comes from who we are, what we believe, our integrity, our core values and our drive to contribute.

There is a lot of training and coaching available for managers. There are training classes managers can send their consultants and technicians to.  However, I have never seen training and coaching material available for consultants, technicians and service department staff in a blog or newsletter format. Pursue Great! is a collection of emails I have sent to my team at work in the automotive dealership world, intended to encourage and challenge us to Pursue Great! in our service to our customers and each other. They contain material gathered over thirty years from training, study and experience.

I hope you will find this material to be of value.

Jack Pennington