The Challenge of Change

There is a dynamic to life that permeates every bit of our lives and we can’t get away from it.


Life is constantly changing. There is no way to stop it. Changes in our bodies. Changes in our emotions. Changes in our beliefs. Changes in our residence. Changes in our jobs. Changes in our families.  Changes in business. Changes in society.

There are two sides to this coin of change. One side is, to a greater or lesser degree, we all resist change. We like things to stay the same. We are used to things the way they are. We are comfortable with life as it is.

The other side is that change is exciting! Change can bring wonderful new experiences. It can give us new opportunities. We can learn new things. Tasks may become easier, faster or simpler.

So we have this struggle. Part of us wants to keep things the same. Another part likes change. What are we to do?

We will all have to learn how to deal with the changes in life in our own way. It will be different for each person.

One thing is for certain… Change does happen,and neither you nor I can stop it.

What we can do is accept that change will happen,and not fight against it. Since it is a battle you cannot win, fighting against change will frustrate only you.

Consider some recent changes to our world:

Computers, which are now so commonplace, once did not exist. It was about 1980 when they started to become a common item in workplaces and homes. In 1995, the Internet became commercialized. Dial-up made way to Broadband in the year 2000.

You know those computers you carry in your pocket or purse? Can you believe it was only 11 years ago, in 2007, that the iPhone was introduced?

We are in the midst of the biggest shopping season of the year. How do you purchase many of the things you buy? Do you buy them on-line?

Our world has certainly changed since 1994. That was the year Amazon started.

Then, what started in 1995? eBay.

What is the first place you turn to for information? What did you do before 1998?

Google started in 1998.

Think about the changes in the way people get around town. Or get food.

Uber started in 2009.

In the last forty years, our world has been completely revolutionized by these changes. Change is inevitable. You can’t stop it. But, you can accept that change is and will happen. Fighting against it only hurts yourself and makes you frustrated and angry.

Another way to think would be to embrace change. Instead of resisting, or tolerating change, you can embrace change. Look for the good in change. Look for ways you can make a difference through change.

Too often we tend to think, “We (I) can’t” or “We (I) don’t do it that way.”

The companies listed above didn’t think, “We can’t” or “We don’t do it that way.”

They thought and still think, “How can we?”

Pursue Great!, In all you do, by challenging yourself to think, “How can I?”

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