We are about one week into the new year and about 40% of the resolutions people made are already broken. And another 20% will fall by the wayside by the end of January.

Why does this happen?

It’s a common pastime of our society to make New Year’s Resolutions. Something about changing from one year to the next. Goodbye to the disappointments of the last year and anticipation for what the new year holds.

There isn’t anything especially powerful about making resolutions at the end on one year before going on to the next. Resolutions can be made any time. A resolution in May or August is just as good as one made in December or January.

What is a resolution anyway? Some people don’t like the word resolution. I get that. New Year’s Resolutions are rarely taken seriously. It’s almost as if they are something to joke about. It seems people know they won’t keep up with their resolution very long and just go back to their same old ways.

Some folks have substituted the word “goals” in the place of resolution. This is good. We all need goals. Humans need goals. We, by nature, need to be striving toward something. We have a built in desire to accomplish.

The word “goals” also acknowledges that the accomplishment is a process. It acknowledges the change desired is not a straight line – succeed on the first try or else you’ve failed. No, “goals” acknowledges that it is a journey on which you are embarking. There will be victories. There will be setbacks and failures. But, striving for a goal doesn’t require never failing. It requires getting back up on your feet and charging on toward the goal again.

Resolution is a good word to use though, if we take a moment to understand what the word means.

The root of the word is resolute. To be resolute about something means you are determined. You have decided what you want for your life and you are absolutely determined to find out how to accomplish it. Then you resolve to not let anything stop you. You have made up your mind this is what you want and you will not be swayed from achieving.

Hopefully, you can see the connection with the last article about how you think is a big factor in how you live your life.

Going into a resolution or a goal with a half-hearted desire and with minimal effort will no doubt lead to failure and disappointment. But, going into a resolution or goal with the full intention of learning how to accomplish it, determined to overcome any obstacle that gets in your way and the unwavering intent to get up when you are knocked down in order to push on toward your desire will absolutely increase your chance of achieving your resolution.

Resolve today to Pursue Great!, In all you do. Resolve today to become determined to reach for your goals!

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