The Anticipation of a New Year!

Last night was a big celebration for many people!

Have you ever wondered why the going from one year to the next is cause for a big celebration?

The celebration is because of the anticipation of what the new year may bring.

We, as humans, are always anticipating. Sometimes this is a good anticipation, like the anticipation of a new year, or a vacation.  Sometimes though, it is not a good thing, like when we are fearing or dreading what may happen.

What’s the difference?

Both anticipations are for things that have not yet occurred. Whether we are anticipating something good or something bad, neither are yet a reality. It is only a thought in our mind.

Therein lies the challenge for us who desire to Pursue Great!, In all you do. The challenge is our thinking.

What we choose to think and how we choose to think determines our life. God has blessed humans with a gift He did not give to any other creature. He gave us the gift of thought.

In that gift is the ability to reason and the ability to control our thoughts.

As you start the new year, challenge yourself to use this gift God has given you to think. Learn how to reason through your thoughts and control them positively to work for you to Pursue Great!, In all you do.

This will have a far greater impact on your new year and the goals you set than anything else you can do.

Happy New Year!

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