Building A Skeleton

Hopefully, you have spent time considering one area of your life and are coming up with ideas that excite you and you will be able to establish as your goal. Your goal(s) do need to excite and inspire you. Your goal(s) need to be what you are passionate about and what motivate you.

Let’s go back to the example we are using for changing our health that we began to look at in the last article. Regardless of your health goals, the process of making a plan to achieve your new state of health is the same.

Making plans for change in any area of your life uses the same process. You need to create the plan you will follow to achieve your goal.

We need to create a skeleton, a framework upon which to build. At this point we are not concerned with the details of “the how.” We want to come up with the broader categories that will begin to give us structure and shape (pun intended!).

The bones of our plan for improving our health begin with what we eat! This should make sense. After all, as the famous quote that moms everywhere have been telling their children for decades, “You are what you eat!” is as true as statement as there is. The condition of our body is to a great degree the result of what we put into it.

So, the first bone in our skeleton is our diet. Our diet, as in what type of food we are going to eat and what we are not going to eat. Not “our diet” as in how few calories we can consume.

This will take some work to learn about what it is we should be eating and the benefits of each item. Building plans to achieve your goal(s) does take research, thought and effort. Haphazard planning leads to haphazard results.

That’s it for the first bone of the skeleton – choosing the correct foods to eat. At this point, we are not concerned whether our new eating habits will be a particular commercial weight-loss program with prepackaged meals, or a low-carb diet, or a gluten-free diet or a no-sugar diet, or any other. Those details will come later in our plan making process.

Other bones in the framework of our improved health plan is when to eat, fluid intake, sleep, exercise, supplements, lifestyle, thoughts and habits.

Now we have an outline of our plan. We have the Roman numerals. Next time, we will begin to add the basic details to start giving our plan some dimension.

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