If you want to move in a new direction in an area of your life there are two options. The first option, you can “just let it happen”. You can be a free-flowing soul who just floats along life’s river letting the current and the weather take you where it will. The second option is for you to decide where it is you want to go. Decide what you want you life to be like. Decide what you want to accomplish. Decide who you want to spend it with and decide how those relationships will be.

We have been going through some thoughts on how to make these decisions and an illustration how to make a plan to get to your goals. Our illustration is in the area of improving our health. We have covered several steps including making the decision to change, what we want to be the state of our health, what are the basic categories we need to examine and make changes and how to go about doing some research to get information that will direct us.

A word of caution at this point. It is easy to fall into the trap of always researching and never taking action. Some folks get paralyzed because they feel they don’t want to make a mistake. They feel there is more information and there might be a better way or there might be danger in their plan.

Don’t get trapped by this self-deception! We can never know ALL the information regarding any subject. We can never remove every doubt. The traffic lights are not always all green. You can’t get to second base with one foot still on first base. Do your research, make sound decisions and begin to move forward!

Action is absolutely vital. Nothing will change without action. We probably all know people who have gone through college and got their degree… maybe multiple degrees, and have done nothing with them. They did the research. They did the study. They know the material. But they didn’t take action!

In our example we have learned that processed foods are bad for the human body. They contain too much of the wrong kind of fat, too much sugar, many chemicals, and very little nutritional value. And not just the obvious “junk food”. Even the processed foods that are marketed as healthy, natural and organic. So we know to avoid processed foods. We learned that not all beef is equal. There is a difference between grain fed and grass fed beef. The meat is different. The fat is different. One is healthier than the other. Same goes for chicken. How about fruit and vegetables? Where should we get our protein? How do we handle carbs? These are sample details of what has to be hung on the bones of our plan skeleton.

The more precise we are with the details of our plan, the better the results will be. To be the best results requires the best plan… followed by action.

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