Bad Habits That Keep You From Being Successful (Part 4)

Taking the time and effort to define what you want for your life and what you call success, understanding that to move toward your goals takes risk, changing your thinking from negative to positive as well as guarding your thinking from the negativity of others takes concentrated effort. It is necessary to keep your focus on your future and where you are going and take action every day toward your destination.

Even after making these changes in your life there will still be obstacles. There will be challenges, road blocks and detours. There will be bumps, bruises and breakdowns. At times it will seem the whole world’s energy is against you. There will be times when you feel despair. The sense of being overwhelmed and helpless will come. You will have the urge to give in to despair. DON’T DO IT! Don’t give in to the despair that you feel.

When despair strikes, go back to your goals. Go back to what you are trying to build. Despair takes your eyes off your goals. Be intentional and refocus your vision on your goals. When despair seeps in we become even more vulnerable to our own and other people’s negative thinking. We can become critical of ourselves. We can think we are not worthy. We can think we don’t deserve success.

This is the time to dig deep for the passion and determination to make your dreams come true. This is the point when most people give up.

This is the final bad habit in this series… Giving up. To achieve what you want, you can’t give up. To give up is to stop trying. Yes, it is easier to give up than to keep going against the obstacles and despair. But, don’t take the easy way. Fight for your dream.

If you do give up, you will have to live the rest of your life knowing you gave up. You will have to live the rest of your life without the success you wanted for yourself and your family.

To Pursue Great!, In all you do… you have to keep going in the face of adversity. Keep going when it looks like the odds are against you. Keep going when it looks impossible.

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