What Do You Think?

There are times in our lives when we get mad. Really mad.

Hopefully, these times don’t occur too often, but sooner or later something happens that sets you off. For some folks, there are a lot of things that set them off. There are others who rarely, or ever it seems, get mad.

But there is one thing which gets to almost everybody.

That’s when someone talks bad about you. Maybe they say you can’t do something. Or, maybe you’re not good enough. It could be they say you don’t look good. It’s possible they say your dumb. The list could go on…

Being talked to, or even talked about, in this manner most likely makes you really mad. It hurts. It is demoralizing. It’s mean. It feels like we are being put down. It feels like we are being attacked.

Even if it’s true, we don’t like to hear it.

And yet, there is somebody in each of our lives who talks to us like this every single day.


You talk this way to yourself every single day. Think about the conversations you have with yourself in the privacy of your mind. It is practically a non-stop conversation.

We tell ourselves we can’t do something. Or we are not good enough. We tell ourselves we don’t look good. And that we’re dumb.

But, do we get mad at our-self for treating us this way? No! We simply listen to the demoralizing, negative, worrisome, often meanspirited self-talk.

Why don’t we fight back against this voice in our heads that is telling us we can’t?

Because, we don’t even recognize we are doing it. After all, we have been talking to ourselves this way our entire life. It’s like breathing – you just breath. You don’t normally recognize your breathing. It just happens.

As you reflect on this concept of self-talk, you will come to realize these conversations are based on thoughts. They are not based on reality.

It is interesting, human beings spend more time thinking about what might happen in the future, (and we generally think it going to be bad), than we do thinking in the present.

Human beings have the God given ability to control our thinking. We have the power to think any which way we want.

You have the power to change your self-talk from negative and demeaning to positive and uplifting. Learn to guard yourself from your own “thought attacks.” Learn to turn your thinking away from the bad you fear, to the good you want.

Pursue Great!, In all you do. It begins with your thoughts!

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