Bad Habits That Keep You From Being Successful (Part 3)

In the last post, we began looking at some habits that will get in our way from being successful. The two bad habits were, 1. Letting everyone else define “what you want”, and 2. Playing it safe.

Today let’s look at the third bad habit, which is letting negativity rule. Somehow most people develop a bad habit of negativity. Generally, it is not an overwhelming negativity that would qualify us as being a negative person or a plain ol’ grouch, but it is a subtle negativity that has a restrictive result on thinking. Possibly, other people may not think we are negative. We might put on a positive display for others. This in turn restricts our actions and results.

What is your first thought when something unexpected happens? Let’s say your are home at night, all by yourself. No one else is home. It’s quiet, you are watching TV, playing on the computer or maybe reading. Suddenly, you hear a noise from outside.

What is your first thought?

Is your thought negative? Or is it curious? Do you fear that the sound means something bad is happening?

This negative thought habit will block us when we want to take action. It blocks us because we think something bad will happen if we take action. We are afraid we will fail. Our negative thoughts immobilize us.

Other people will dump their negativity on us as well. They are eager to tell us why we can’t do something.

To become the person you want to be will require guarding your mind. You will have to replace your own negative thoughts with positive thoughts. You will have to mentally block the negativity from other people.

You see, our brains can only think of one thing at a time. If we are thinking negatively, we can’t think positively. If we think we can’t, we can’t think we can. Either way we will be right. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Pursue Great! Protect your thoughts!!

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