The Pressure Builds!

Pressure. Stress. Frustration. Unfortunately, these are a fact of life. They can cause us to come up short on being accountable and being respectful.

In our fast paced world, pressure, stress and frustration are increasing. Our business adds to the equation since we repair cars, but we sell time. Time is a limited commodity. We have only a finite amount. Customer expectations add fuel to the fire. The expectations today are higher than ever before and they are constantly changing. In our service to the public we need to find ways to meet the customer’s expectations. Gone are the days when businesses could set the rules and the customers had to learn the way the business does things. Generations X and Y and the Millennials have never known a world without computers at their fingertips. Instant information and an overload of it.

Our business gets very fast paced. There are times when there are two or three days work here at one time. There are times when the lobby and the waiting room is full of people and the phones are ringing. More customers are coming in! The pressure, the stress and the frustration can mount. There are other times when we are scraping for work. Then we want to blame others for not getting the work here or blame them for taking our share.

We cannot eliminate these challenges and pressures, but we can work together to minimize the stress and get through. Understanding each others roles and looking for opportunities to help goes a long way to smooth out the rough spots.

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