288th Post!

Hello guys!

This is the 288th post on Pursue Great! We have been together here for a couple of years now. I hope this has been valuable to you.

I am going to take a break from posting new information. There is a lot of information on this site which if applied in a consistent and diligent manner will change your life.

You canĀ create the life you want and these principles are part of the process.

You must take action. You must decide your goals. You must Pursue them, because they can be elusive.

Apply what you have learned. Keep learning. Keep moving forward every day, even if it is only a tiny bit.

Please update me on what you are Pursuing and how it’s going at jack@pursuegreat.com. I’d love to hear what you are up to.

Continue to Pursue Great!, In all you do. I’ll talk to you later.